Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Freight 44 excels in the safe transportation of medical devices, sensitive equipment and pharmaceuticals. With expertise in handling urgent and high value shipments serving all areas of the medical sector, means we understand the special demands of this industry.

GDP Compliant
Certified through RSSL

ISO9001:2015 Certified
OHSAS18001 Certified

We work in partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide time critical transport support for product launches of new drugs, as well as the release of derivative pharmaceuticals by road and air worldwide, ensuring they arrive in perfect clinical condition.

Utilising specialist vehicles and experienced personnel, we share the ethos of treating the movement of high value, sensitive medical equipment and devices, with the same careful dedication medical professionals treat their patients. We understand the critical importance of safe handling from manufacturer through to hospital delivery.

We handle each consignment individually and can offer you a complete range of services, from basic transport to a full and integrated logistics solution.

Our specialised fleet of vehicles are available for your Door-to-Door, Just in Time and Express pick-ups and deliveries. Depending on the condition requirements for your consignment, we offer:

Refrigerated and validated [ATP certified] vans for your “+2°C to +8°C” consignments.

Refrigerated vans for your frozen consignments.

Isolated and ventilated vans for your dry ice shipments (from -20°C to -70°C).

Specially outfitted trucks for all cold chain demands.

Vehicles offering warm and ambient solutions, for your “+15°C to +25°C” consignments.

We can handle all your Customs requirements, to see how

We can also supply you with dry ice, refrigerated cold packs (+ 4°C to -20°C) and liquid nitrogen; and can help you to prepare your consignment for shipping. Your Express delivery will be handled by our specially trained staff, who have a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of bio-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical transportation.

This includes ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) and dangerous goods licensing, as well as our and your specific operating procedures.

Pharmaceutical producers combine ingredients precisely, under specific conditions, while negotiating a maze of stringent regulations and quality controls. Companies that move or store pharmaceutical products must meet similar demands.

Many drugs are highly sensitive to temperature; some are extremely valuable; and all are subject to a complex array of government regulations. In the pharmaceutical supply chain, every detail counts.

We stay in direct contact with both sender and consignee at all times, providing a higher level of traceability and service. Within minutes of your consignment being delivered, we send a proactive Proof of Delivery to the contact person indicated in the shipment request.